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The exchange rate of the Yuan is approximately 7,79 RMB for 1 Euro (Februari 2018). For daily rates please check


Yangshuo can be reached by bus or private transport from Guilin, which is about 65 km away. Guilin has an airport (about 85 km from Yangshuo) and three train stations. The airport serves domestic flights from all over China and there are direct trains to many major cities in China.

There is also a “Yangshuo” trainstation. This is actually located in the town of Xing Ping, but it is the train station closest to the Giggling Tree, at approximately one hour by taxi. We recommend to book your train tickets well in advance. Trains are often full, especially during Chinese holidays. We can help you to arrange train tickets, if necessary.

We can also help to arrange private transport to and from Guilin or Yangshuo train stationTaxi prices will be raised around National holidays, we can only inform you about the price rises a few days ahead as we are also depending on the drivers. The Giggling Tree can not be held responsible for any injury or damage related to you taking a taxi which we organized on your behalf.

It is also possible to find a local bus from the train and bus station in Guilin yourself bringing you to Yangshuo for approx. 22 RMB. At the airport there are shuttle buses that bring you into Guilin. At the bus station in Yangshuo you will find taxis and minibuses which will take you to the Giggling Tree for 40 to 50 RMB.


Spring season is from March through May, but it can rain as well. Generally the raining season is from June to July. Then the hot season starts until mid-September. Slowly it gets less hot, but it still is nicely warm at daytime until end November/half December. Best months to visit the Giggling Tree are March/April/May and September/October/November. No guarantees though on the weather!


As far as we are aware this is not a Malaria area, none of our staff (including us) take anti-malarial tablets. Furthermore, we haven’t noted any cases of Japanese encephalitis and we are also not vaccinated for this. We are experienced, but we are not experts on this matter. So in the end, it is always your own decision. We do recommend
bringing and wearing insect repellent.


We accept RMB, EUR, USD, HKD and GBP. We can also exchange foreign currency in RMB for you.

We accept credit cards as well, we don't charge extra's for this.

The nearest ATM is located 5 kilometers from the Giggling Tree in Yangshuo.

Cancellation policy:

·        For a cancellation made within 48 hours before  arrival we charge 100% of the room fee of the 1st night.

·        For a cancellation made within 1 week before arrival we charge 50% of the room fee of the 1st night.

·        No charge for cancellations more than 1 week in advance.