About Us

The Giggling Tree was the creation of Dutch entrepreneurs, Paulien Leisink and Karst Draaisma, who saw the potential for a boutique guesthouse in the village of Aishanman in the heart of the scenic karst mountains of Yangshuo County in 2006. Following a year of renovations and ten years of very successful operations, the couple has now handed over the reins of the Giggling Tree to Yangshuo County's premier hotel team, Curry Chen and Richard Chen.

Curry and Richard, the owners and operators of the highly acclaimed Yangshuo Tea Cozy Hotel, and the newly opened Yangshuo Ancient Garden Hotel, have taken the Giggling Tree to a new level of comfort.

Returning guests will be delighted with the facelift that Curry and Richard have given to the Giggling Tree while they can be assured of the same high standards set by the previous owners. First time guests will love the traditional old-world setting of this boutique guesthouse where they will find an unmatched level of service provided by experienced English speaking staff.