When you have been travelling through China for a while you will appreciate the quietness of the countryside. The beautiful environment offers a splendid opportunity to undertake a wide variety of activities.

Cycling and walking

Just wander off the beaten track, on small dirt roads, winding through the ricefields, across the rivers and through age-old villages. Experience the rural life from a very short distance with a local guide or by yourself. The number one thing to do! We have several hike & bike trips available at our reception.

Caving, rock climbing or bamboorafting

You can go into a cave and take a refreshing mudbath before dipping in the hotspring. When you prefer to stay above ground you can go rockclimbing, the area is famous for it! Prefer to relax, than you can go on a bambooraft down the Yulongriver.

Impression Liu Sanjie

Every evening a huge event takes place near Yangshuo. Directed by Zhang Yimou (Hero, Raise the red lantern, Olympics 2008), about 600 actors play on and along the Li river. The beautiful music, dresses and lightshow give you the feeling of being in the middle of a fairy-tale. Don’t miss it.

Cooking school

An Australian cooking expert has set up a great cooking studio. The Chinese staff shows you how to prepare 5 delicious dishes. After a visit to the local market  you will cook 5 dishes by yourself with great instructions.

Tai chi, Kung fu

An introduction into martial arts is a must while being in China. A very experienced master can teach you all. Also wonderful for brave and active kids.

Calligraphy, Fan painting, Mahjong

Looking for something traditional Chinese, it is great to take a class in Chinese arts. Also great for kids.

Massage, Acupuncture:

When you feel tired, stressed or just want to relax, try traditional Chinese massage, acupuncture or cupping.

Visit local farmer markets

In the surrounding villages, the local markets are really worth a visit. The markets spring into life in the early morning. Be warned that meat sections could better be skipped by animal lovers!

Tailor-made tours

We can also arrange tailor-made tours by car. In the mountains North of Yangshuo there is a huge tea plantation which you can walk through, pick leaves and have a beautiful view of the area.

Another tour takes you to Xianggong hill, Stone village and offers great views of the Li river.

Boat trips

We can arrange a seat on the cruise boat coming down the Li river from Guilin to Yangshuo or you can step onto a much smaller boat to see one of the best sections of the Li river.


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